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Cotopaxi By Bike

A thrilling biking adventure at the foot of one of the highest active volcanos in the world.

69 USD

Papallacta Hostsprings

The potencial activity of the Antisana Volcano allows us to enjoy medicinal hot springs surrounded by mountains at more than 3000 mts.

69 USD

Cloudforest by Bike

An easy bike ride down from the highlands to the most biodiverse ecosystems in thAe world, full of vegetation, hummingbirds and butterflies.

69 USD

Otavalo Indigenous Market

The most important indigenous market in Ecuador has a centennial history of fair trade, communitary sense and pride.

48 USD

Cayambe by Bike

A fun downhill with great views of the sierra landscape, starting at 4600 mts after seeing the glaciar of the Cayambe volcano.

48 USD

Quito City Tour & Equator

The first city to be declared a World Heritage holds in its old town true jewels of art. Experience this millennia city in the Middle of the World.

48 USD

Our best: Galapagos Islands

By hopping from island to island, you will get to know a lot about the Galapagos richness and magic.
Walk Darwin’s steps during your next adventure!

Nature rocks!

Know about its formation and colonization, snorkel the shallow waters of Tijeretas Bay, in Santa Cruz Island you can see the giant tortoises in their native environment! You will participate in a yacht trip to an uninhabited island, where the fauna and landscape are even more amazing!

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